We Believe People Living with Edema Deserve Better.

Therapist Led. Patient Centered.

Our Founders

Kathy Weatherly | OT, CLT-LANA; Co-Founder

Kyle Weatherly | Co-Founder

Compression wraps haven’t changed in 10 years.

Alta Medical makes compression wraps more comfortable, more effective and easier to wear.

Big News!

Compression wraps for lymphedema are now covered by Medicare!

As of January 1, 2024, Medicare now covers compression garments for lymphedema, including most Alta Medical SiennaWrap Compression Wraps.

You can learn more at Lymphedema Advocacy Group's website.

And we’re making it easy.

Alta Medical has partnered with several national insurance billers to assist you. Get connected with them.


Give us a call at (414) 441-4849 or email support@altamedical.com

Therapist Advisory Board

Katherine Jackson
Victoria Ralph
Molly Sleigh
Linda Koehler

We are therapist-led. We always want to be solving clinical problems, so it was important to us to include providers from the beginning.

These therapists are not endorsing Alta Medical or our products. We want them to be 100% free to tell us – or anyone else – when we can do better.

We are always looking for new voices. If you are interested in joining, please email support@altamedical.com.

Patient Advisory Board

Sally Nuciforo
Dylan Ferguson
Sarah Bramblette
Jamie Hart

We are patient-centered. We wanted people living with Lymphedema always at the table, so we established the Patient Advisory Board even before we launched our first product.

These patients are not endorsing Alta Medical or our products. Instead, we want them to give us open, honest, and constructive feedback so we can continue to deliver for all of our customers.

We are always looking for new voices. If you are interested in joining please email support@altamedical.com.

Alta Medical. Innovation by Design.

Real People Supporting You

If you call, Kyle might answer. Or Maybe Kathy. Or maybe one of our amazing customer service people. But, without a doubt, a robot won't. And we want to hear from you. Please call, text or email anytime.

Therapist Led, Patient Centered

Founded and led by an occupational therapist, we rely on a team of both clinicians and patients to help us improve our products and experiences.

Moving the Industry Forward

We are based in Wisconsin, where our State motto is "Forward". And that is, in many ways, our motto. We are driven to develop new products and processes to improve the lives of patients.

Family Owned

We are proud to be a family owned company. We have no outside investors to report to or profit goals to achieve. We are 100% focused on helping patients and clinicians.