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Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard that Medicare now covers graduated compression garments. Is that true?

As of January 1, 2024, Medicare now covers compression garments for lymphedema, including most Alta Medical SiennaWrap™ Compression Wraps.You can learn more at Lymphedema Advocacy Group's website.

Do you make custom garments if my patients cannot fit in your standard sizes?

We are currently trialing custom garments, please contact us at if you are interested in being a part of the process.

Is the SiennaWrap Compression Wrap just for lymphedema?

Depending on the compression wrap, they’re also for conditions like lipedema and other forms of edema such as, chronic venous insufficiency and pre or post surgical edema.

If you have questions about your condition or care, reach out to your therapist or doctor. If you’re a therapist and you have questions, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

My patient is between sizes, what do I recommend?

By design, our SiennaWrap Compression Wraps fit a range of sizes. 

For example, the XL SiennaWrap Compression Wrap for Calf fits an ankle size of 31-39 cm. The L SiennaWrap Compression Wrap for Calf fits an ankle size of 26-34 cm. Your ankle measurement might be 33 cm. When in doubt, choose the larger size.

Help! My patient accidentally ordered the wrong size garment.

No problem. Give us a call. We’ll make it right.

Do your products contain latex?

No, there is no latex in any of our products.

Where are your products manufactured?

Manufactured in the USA, in Wisconsin.

How long does a compression garment typically last?

SiennaWrap is warranted for 90 days from the delivery date. The garment, however, should last more than six months when following our recommended care instructions.
For SiennaWraps, wash as frequently as needed to ensure good tissue hygiene. Machine wash in warm water with a mild detergent and tumble dry on low. Always wash with the Velcro® hook attached to the garment. Place SiennaWrap in a mesh laundry bag to extend the garment's life. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. For Alta Hybrid Compression Liner, machine wash in warm water with a mild detergent and tumble dry on low after every use.

Can I return something?

Yes, our return policy is listed here.