Kathy's Journey: A Foundation for Success

Kathy's Journey: A Foundation for Success

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As a young mother working as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning operator and security guard at Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company, Weatherly started classes at MATC in January 1988. She enrolled in a course that explained how to study effectively, manage time efficiently, organize materials, cope with exams, write research papers and deliver oral presentations.

“I thought it was just about the most ridiculous class in the world,” Weatherly recalled. “But in the end, that course helped me and my children more than any other class I ever took. It became the basis for all the success I have had in my life.”

And Weatherly has had quite a lot of success. Her classes at MATC provided the foundation to earn three college degrees, work as an occupational therapist, start and operate a highly-successful, multi-million dollar medical equipment business and become a respected philanthropist and servant leader.

“At MATC, I found out I loved learning,” Weatherly said. “I loved reading books. It built my self-esteem and made me curious about the world. To me that’s what MATC represents: You can enter the next level of education with a support network to help overcome any fears and insecurities you might have.”


Today, Weatherly and her husband divide their time between Wisconsin and Florida. She joined the Lymphedema Association of North America (LANA) board in 2001, and served as vice president.

“The learning never stops,” she said. “It keeps me mentally busy, keeps me interested in learning. If I don’t have a project, I’ll make up something.”

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